Here we have Hector, our neighborhood hipster. He’s the kind of cat who would be the first to get a handlebar mustache, although he calls it a cat-stache. He is tech savvy and a first mover. He considers himself an entrepreneur and one day plans to totally disrupt a niche market. His top ideas are a fair-trade cat nip subscription box, a social network app for cat colonies, or websites that reviews laps for naps. Until he hits the big time, and is rich and famous, he is living here in the Pember Home neighborhood and we can all share in his daily doings.

Hector Facts:

Favorite place to shop: Target

Favorite reading material: The New Yorker

Favorite food: Tacos and anything fermented

No. of podcasts subscribed YTD: 39

No. of podcasts unsubscribed YTD: 37

He has signed The Giving Pledge but his net worth will only buy a week’s worth of paper towels

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Hector comes in Green, Blue, or Wood Stain.

Hector: 5 7/8 inches height paw to tail tip; length 7.5 inches; thickness 1.5 inches

More Information:

Due to the nature of this item, slight variation in the appearance of each animal may occur.

Made from Natural Wood

Lightly clean with dry, soft cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or cleaners.

Sold Individually

Intended for indoor decorative use only

Made in USA

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