Meet Frank, our rhino in his prime. (Or golden age, as he puts it) We don’t actually know how old he is since his birth certificate was lost in the Great Chicago Fire. His distaste for modern technology and progress can make him seem older than he is. We still love him though, as it’s always good to remember the important values that transcend time and to not forget lessons learned. He has many memories from his long life, although we sometimes wonder if some of them are made up or he confuses them with something he read in an edition of Life magazine. Frank likes to keep an eye on the Pember Home neighborhood and particularly an eye on any stray skateboards (with or without kids). “It’s like an ironing board with wheels, and it just ain’t right,” says Frank.

Frank Facts:

Has a black belt in stubbornness

Fairly weak in adaptability

No. of kids chased from lawn: 47

No. of skateboards confiscated: 47

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Frank comes in Cream, Purple, or Wood Stain.

5 inches height; 8 inches length; 1.5 inches thick

More Information:
Due to the nature of this item, slight variation in the appearance of each animal may occur.

Made from Natural Wood

Lightly clean with dry, soft cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or cleaners.

Sold Individually

Intended for indoor decorative use only

Made in USA

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