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All your Questions: Answered.

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"I am having problems accessing Some of the pages look weird. Am I using the right browser or do I need new glasses?"

Weird is in the eyes of the beholder, and we have never subscribed to being average. But if things look too weird you might need to update your browser. If that doesn’t fix things, please email us and we’ll look into it.

"Is it safe to use credit cards on your website?"

Credit card information is handled by our payment processor (stripe) through a secure connection. We do not store any credit card information and will never share your personal identifiable information with anyone.

"How do you handle personal information?"

There are two parties to all transactions through PemberHome, us and you. Any information used in this transaction stays between you and us. We do not share personal information with anyone else. Also see our privacy policy

"My order is incomplete or the animal was injured during shipping or I have some other quandary. What do I do?"

If it looks like the injury won't heal by itself, let us know; we have vets for wood animals standing by. If your order is incomplete or you have some other plight, please contact us at

“What's so special about Pember?”

We are all unique snowflakes, so similar and yet so different. We believe we create products that have a story, are purposeful, and affordable by the 99%.

"How do you ship my order?"

We use USPS and will always provide tracking.

"Where do you ship to?"

We ship to all the contiguous United States. So yes, that includes all you Michiganders, you wonderful, crazy bunch.

"How much will shipping cost?"

It depends on how many animals you adopt. Shipping is only $9.50 for the first animal and $5.50 for each additional animal.

"What payment methods are available?"

We accept whatever Stripe accepts, so all the major credit cards. All orders are in US dollars, and we no longer accept dad-jokes or mom-jeans as a form of payment.

"When will my order arrive? I’m super excited and currently feeling very impatient."

You should have an email with an order confirmation and a tracking number. If you've checked the spam folder and still have no luck, please contact us and we will help you out.

"How are the animals made?"

Using fancy computers and people who know how to use them, the animals are cut out of big pieces of wood using a CNC router. After some careful nursing and sanding they are finished with a colored lacquer or a wood stain. We then put them in a box and send them off to their new home - Yours.

"How are the colors chosen?"

We spend a lot of time choosing the perfect colors for the animals, and we spend a lot of time making sure the various colors work together. (We basically don't sleep anymore, but it's all for a good cause) This way you can buy any combination of animals and be certain that the colors will work together. Check out how Frank and Hector are getting along.

"Can you make me a (insert obscure animal here)?"

Sorry. We don't make custom products, but we already have several feral and domesticated animals to choose from on our Product Page. Also, check out our future products as we unlock them. You can help unlock them by following us on Instagram and Facebook, if you’re in the mood.

"Can you let me know when future animals are available?"

Absolutely! Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, join our email list, or whatever. I don't know how it works, but one of these will surely post something about upcoming animals and other products.

"Are those actual animals?"

No, they are made of wood. But they do eat sawdust and poop dowel rods. (Just kidding)

"I think I saw Pember products for sale at the local tractor pull?"

Pember products are only for sale online through If you see them for sale somewhere else… they are imposters! Report them to us immediately and we’ll send Frank after them.

"I bought one of the animals and at first I wasn't sure where to put it, so initially it was just sitting above on the mantel but I then I saw an animal program on TV and the presenter looked like an old teacher of mine; I think he taught geography.... I think I forgot my question. "

That's ok. We all have days like that.

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"Ordering home décor from a website is a solid investment in your future"

- Hector