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Your Home:
The Opposite of Ordinary


At Pember Home, we have always been fascinated by the amazing world we live in.

What we like to do is take that world, boil it, chop it, and cook up our own creative (and decorative!) universe inspired by the things we see and experience.

Pember Home uses decor to take a humorous look at the modern world. It's a lighthearted place where we poke fun at stereotypes and maybe break down a few barriers between people.

Everything here should be consumed with lots of imaginary salt...

Living in the Pember Home community (aka product line) are our unique wooden animal residents, each with their own distinct personality.

All the animals are made from wood and are hand finished. They are exceedingly decorative, but to keep things interesting, they also come with their own unique habits, cravings, and stories to tell.

We will share not just these animals with you, but also their stories and daily doings. Look through our website to discover what the animals are up to and follow us on social media to get even more in-depth stories and unique moments from the lives of the Pember Home residents. It’s a modern wooden soap-opera (and we're all just along for the ride).

Who stole the collection of decorative German garden gnomes from Frank’s front yard? Which paleo- vegan meal box subscription did Hector sign up for this week?


There’s only one way to find out.

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The Inspiration

Pember Home’s designs are inspired by nature and architecture. From nature comes the simplicity and rawness of the organic; from sweeping curves and arches, to pointy peaks and wide plains. From architecture we borrow the expression of ideas and ideals. From the curves of ancient Roman and Greek columns to the revolutionary and functional design of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Random, perhaps; but cool, nonetheless.

The Backstory

The designs for Hector and Frank were created while on a family vacation in Boston, with the help of a renowned Danish architect (Otto Wagner), aka father of co-founder Rune. At a random breakfast we were talking architecture, history, shapes and colors, and we wanted to jot down some of these ideas. Naturally we resorted to the most convenient drafting paper available; hotel napkins. Very quickly the first Pember Home animals took shape on this, now famous, napkin. Eventually, though, we transferred them to a hotel branded piece of paper. (And here we thought no one ever used those pads of paper for anything other than a coaster.)

We almost immediately felt a connection to what had been created. If these napkin sketches could be made in wood, at reasonable price, we could solve a problem that we had faced ourselves. Finding colorful, fun décor with personality that didn’t break the bank. We were bored with the things in our local “big box” brick and mortars and finding affordable options online took forever, and the pieces we found either felt too generic and commonplace or were well out of our price range. (Just calling it like it is folks, we know some of you can relate!)

And so, the story of Pember Home began.



Each product/animal is made to be adored and be beautiful in its own right. The designs go through many iterations before we are satisfied and each animal made from 100% real wood, hand finished, and always Made in the USA. We personally inspect every single piece before lovingly tucking them into their cozy beds, and sending them off to your home.



Welcoming a Pember Home product into your home is more than adding a decorative finish to your home. Each animal has an extensive backstory and personality, and the lives of the animals will continue to evolve. They will frequently go on new adventures, keeping everyone on their toes. No day is ever boring in the world of Pember; even a trip to Frank’s backyard is guaranteed to lead to unforeseen mishaps, adventures, and shenanigans.



All jokes aside, all our products are Made in the USA from the best materials, and we are still able to keep the costs down so we can serve you with a great product. We do this with the help of a wonderful family owned wood shop, right in the heart of the Midwest. Small businesses supporting other small businesses is something we highly value.


Meet The Founders


As one of the great mysteries to mankind, no one knows exactly where Jess gets her creativity from. Born into a lawyering and engineering family, she played an awesome alto saxophone from an early age, took to photography, and (to the dismay of some) went to film school in LA and worked as script supervisor on Indie film sets. Unfortunately, ‘living the dream’ came with a real dose of ‘living out of your car’.

One thing lead to another and Jess ended up leaving the film industry to “get a real job”. Like her husband Rune, her heart was not truly meant for the stereotypical “real job”, so now she is the other half of Pember Home. She spends way too many hours with color swatches and her white boards, coming up with new animals and designs to bring to the Pember community.

“Don’t be afraid to add a touch of color, infuse a bit of life, and be a little ridiculous.”



Being the son of an architect and artist, Rune was raised on a good dose of creativity and craziness. Not the sort of craziness that gets you locked up, but the kind that makes you look at the world a little differently. As a youngster Rune’s creative outlet was through music and he played guitar in a band signed to an indie label. As a ‘Plan B’, in case music didn’t work out (and to make parents happy), Rune also went to Medical School. He had a feeling that perhaps medicine wasn’t the perfect fit for him, so he asked the people you should never take advice from: his parents. Their response was: PLEASE STAY IN SCHOOL.

One thing lead to another and Rune ended up becoming a physician. Rune knew his heart truly was not meant to roam the fluorescent-lit hallways of hospitals, so now, as a recovering musician and physician he is pouring his heart into Pember Home along with his wonderful wife Jess.

“I always believed that humor and honesty are the best way to break down stereotypes and prejudice.”



5000 miles, two countries, two languages, different careers, and different hair colors couldn’t keep Jess and Rune apart. Part European, part American, their little family now lives in the Midwest. They are crazy enough to start a business instead of doing something sensible like their parents told them to.

Jess and Rune, along with their infant son and three cats, are united in creativity and can enjoy each other’s support in the adventure that is Pember.

Please join us for the ride.