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Decor without Decorum

Pember home is a collection of decorative wooden animals that each have a unique personality and name. They have backstories and pet peeves. Pember Home is also an evolving story and every day the animals are up to new adventures.

Bring your animal home today, and follow along online to see what sort of shenanigans they will be up to next!


So… What are we all about?

The Pember Home animals embody the best, the worst, and the most caricatured stereotypes of human nature. It’s a pastiche of and commentary on the contemporary world and all the wonderful human experiences that come from living in it.

Come meet your new wooden animal friends: they might not all see eye to eye, they might not all share a passion for juice cleanses, they might not all agree on how far kids should walk to school when it snows and it’s uphill; but they are all made of wood and they are all anxious to meet you.

Ready? Let us introduce the first residents of Pember Home.


Meet Hector

Hector is the type of guy who thinks having a fur coat is basically like having a body beard. He tends to only hunt mice that agree to be prey in the first place and insists that they be free range, organic, and gluten free mice. He will refuse to touch your catnip until you can prove it is BPA free and farm to table (well, technically farm to floor, but you get the idea).


meet Frank

Frank thinks Twitter is a state bird and swears Instagram is a unit of measurement. He enjoys wearing belts and suspenders, though he feels the suspenders are an unsafe solution and would like to take out an insurance policy on them. He's been called 'fuddy duddy' and considers it a compliment. Perhaps fuddy duddy comes with a tax write off?


Unlock the next Pember Home NEIGHBOR!

Follow and interact with us on Instagram and/or Facebook. We'll be posting clues over time to help unlock the next Pember Home animals. As riddles are solved, come back here to see your next neighbor unveiled! 

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"If you send me one more of those hash-stags, I will take out my false teeth when we have guests."

- Frank (If you think that “hash-stags” was a typo, you are obviously one of Hector's friends.)